Anchor Concrete Earns 1st Place in International Competition!

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February 2014: The success of Anchor’s innovative large scale culverts continues to grow. Anchor Concrete was awarded first place in the Creative Use of Precast (CUP) Underground division by the National Precast Concrete Association for our first contribution to the 407 Eastern Expansion project, completed in November 2013.
This project is another shining example of how precast products substantially contribute to sustainable infrastructure development. The culvert design includes a natural stream bottom and a pathway for wildlife to cross under the road rather than above where danger to the animals and motorists would be imminent. On top of these eco-friendly features, Anchor’s innovative “clamshell” cantilever design make installation times exceptionally fast, allowing contractors to place each +35 metric tonne piece of precast in fewer than 7 minutes. In total the 88 piece 2,460 metric tonne culvert was delivered and installed in just 4 days providing significant time savings.
This is the second time Anchor has been honoured with first place in the CUP award. In 2012 Anchor won in the Above Ground division for 1.8 kilometers of reinforced concrete beams for Bombardier’s Monorail Test Track.

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